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SEO Mistakes That Can Ruin an Online Marketing Campaign

Although SEO is changing from the perspective of methodologies, its importance seems to increase with every passing day. And since SEO now requires the professionals to inject logic in the marketing process, the search engine results are deemed to be more valuable and trustable. Nevertheless, this changing nature of SEO gives a tough challenge to the marketers. Advanced approach is surely necessary in this regard but even the savvy people forget about taking care of the very basic factors without which the foundation of good Indianapolis SEO cannot be laid.

With that said, we are going to mention some very common but very basic SEO mistakes that many in SEO make in a careless manner and then wonder what went wrong.

Working with the wrong keywords

Choosing the wrong keywords doesn’t mean working with the out-of-context keywords. You may be able to define your products or services with those keywords. It rather means ignoring the preferences of search engine and users regarding long tail keywords. You will have to do a little research in order to find out what keywords your potential customers are going to use while searching for the type of product or service that you offer. Using too generic or too alienated keywords is going to hit hard your entire SEO campaign.

Keyword stuffing

The tactic of injecting too many keywords in the content may have worked in the past when search engine algorithms weren’t sophisticated, but it’s one of the most wrong things you can do now when search engines are emphasizing on the logical approach for marketing. In fact, it is now one of the quickest ways to get blacklisted for doing spam practices. The special semantic search, known as Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI), is now being used by Google in order to ensure that the content on your website targets the audience rather than search engine algorithms.

Creating content not related to keywords

Irrelevancy between content and the keywords is another mistake that can do more harm than good. This practice is usually done for the purpose of ranking a website for any specific keyword which isn’t explained in the content. Being a user, it would be pretty frustrating for you to search using a keyword, opening a website from search results and then finding no information regarding the keyword you entered. Google is targeting such websites that do not show any relationship between its keywords and content.

Ignoring the quality of links

Traffic coming from the good quality websites and having the links of good quality websites are very important if you want to enhance the authority of your site. Google likes to see the traffic flowing between your website and a relevant high authority website belonging to your niche.

Another very important aspect regarding the quality of links is the quality of anchor text. If have created an ineffective anchor text with a link to high quality website, your efforts will go in vain for sure.

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